This week so far

So far, this week included some much needed rain, a socially distant cup of coffee with a friend, new shutdowns in town (or renewed, I should say), amazing vintage finds (coming soon), a delicious soup, and lots of baking.

It also included the potential loss of my job. That part is less certain, but very scary. Though I am sure I will figure it out (I always do), I am trying not to let anxiety take over everything.

These gorgeous lemons from the tree outside were turned into…

This very tasty lemon loaf with sugary, lemony frosting. It was very quickly gone.

I found myself having super strong Bloody Mary cravings, so I made one for myself. I have a little secret that I makes my Bloody Marys better than the ones I have tasted at most bars. I use spicy V8 vegetable juice, worcestershire sauce, steak sauce, and as many pickled things as I can cram in there. So good!

This soup was incredible. Look at that color! Lulu Blue and I are huge Indian food lovers, but you can’t actually eat out all the time (as much as we may try), so I made this at home. I got the recipe here. Just a couple of minor adjustments on my part, and it was perfect!

Yesterday, we decided to finally use those bananas that had been sitting on the counter and going brown. That turned out pretty good too, despite the fact that I somehow drifted off into a day dream while shaking some salt into the batter and was sure that it was going to be way too salty. I added candied walnuts for balance, and it did the trick!

That’s our week so far. I am not panicking about work just yet (okay, I am panicking a bit), but everyone keep your fingers crossed for me in the next month!



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