Lulu Blue and I both have a week off! What in the world are we going to do with all that free time, you ask? Well, if today was any indication, I am guessing Lulu Blue is going to sleep. I think I might follow her lead on that one. I could definitely use a sleep in or two.

Of course, this got me thinking about bedrooms. Who does not LOVE a truly comfortable, clean, beautiful bedroom? Since I will likely be needing a new bed, I thought I’d go take a peek at some bedroom ideas, and I decided to share some rooms that I will be using for inspiration when the time for the purchase comes.

  1. That duvet looks completely amazing. Just saying.
  2. I put this one here just for that white brick accent wall. I do not have this feature, but maybe I should!
  3. I love the lighting in this bedroom. It’s simple, but certainly adds something to the room.
  4. This black and white art arrangement is so good.
  5. Wish this picture wasn’t so blurry. Honestly, I would probably get bored of this look pretty quick, but there’s something about it I like.
  6. That floor. The end.
  7. Kinda liking that wall shelf thing there.
  8. If I decided to go for a vintage, girly flair.
  9. There’s an idea for a headboard substitute!
  10. and one more…
  11. and another one.
  12. These little architectural details always make me want a more interesting house!
  13. My favorite. That window is gorgeous and reminds me of my apartment in S.F. Everything is perfectly simple, perfectly clean, and perfectly gorgeous. You’ve probably noticed I have a thing about windows and natural light. I feel like this is #1 in a bedroom.

This list got a little longer than I intended, but I get inspired easily. This will help me make my own bedroom decisions. Which one would you guys go for?

Okay. It is 1:47 AM. I should probably sleep. Goodnight!



photos: google images

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