This Place

I used to be obsessed with old victorian houses, I loved all the fancy little touches, the ornate woodwork, brightly colored walls. These days, that does not appeal to me in the slightest. It’s all about clean, simple, minimal lines. Black and white, brick or concrete accent walls, industrial ceilings. The more windows the better. I love the super cool loft apartments that I am seeing all over Oakland these days, and occasionally something like this pops up, and I just can’t get over the beauty of it.

Just take a peek.

I love how the wooden ceiling is vintage, yet very modern at the same time.

And the black beams and trim. Genius.

The stager really understood the assignment.

The mid-century modern furniture, along with the very simple color palette is perfect. And this kitchen is amazing.

The window.

I love these cabinets and how incredibly unfussy this kitchen is, while providing plenty of space and efficiency.

I’ll sleep here.


This place is just dreamy. And a pretty good example of why it’s important to hire good stagers and photographers. I bet this place will sell really quickly, even in the uncertain market around here, and people being scared off by the interest hikes. Some very lucky human is going to love living here.

I’ll just enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.



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