Maybe this is what you think of when you think of a belt, but I have come to appreciate belts as one of the most versatile accessories in my wardrobe. I cannot think of how many times I put together an outfit, feel as though something is missing, and pull it all together by adding a belt. Not to mention that belts are any vintage lover’s best friend. A belt can pull a vintage piece into the modern day. I have a lot of vintage outfits that I would not ever consider wearing without a belt. And finally, belts are so easy to work with because they can be worn with pretty much anything, and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Here are a few suggestions for you if you are looking to add some belts to your wardrobe. Sometime soon I will try to put together a photo post of some of my favorite vintage outfits and how the absolutely tank without a belt.

You can get a huge variety of belts at thrift shops for next to nothing, so get a bunch of different kinds and play around with style. Have fun!



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