I haven’t been posting as much as I would like, but life has been busy. There have been so many changes, and so many more still to come. I am trying not to stress too much, and enjoy everything. I’ll write more about it later. 🙂

It also occurs to me that I failed to update my New Year goals, whoops. here is last year’s, which shows what I managed to do, and this year’s goals.

Chicago was on my list for the year, so in May I went to see it. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Chicago is an interesting city, I absolutely love the architecture, the dizzying fire escapes, the old brick industrial buildings, and the shiny glass skyscrapers. Going up to the top of Willis Tower was totally worth it, despite the unsettling way your ears pop as you take the elevator up 1,353 feet.

I ate too much, drank way too much, and tried to stay ahead of the completely unpredictable Chicago weather, raining and cool one minute and sweltering hot and sunny the next. It was wonderful, I’ll definitely be back someday.

P.S – If anyone ever runs across this absolutely amazing print of Iggy Pop that I saw at a cute little hipster joint, just send it on over to me, please!



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