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  • This Place
    This place is so beautiful. The skylights take my breath away, not to mention that there’s a little chicken coop in the back. Have I mentioned how much Lulu Blue and I want to have a chicken? And two fireplaces. Two. The bathrooms are just okay, but here […]
  • This Place
    The best thing about working in real estate is that I often get a chance to look at some amazing places that come up for sale in my area. The worst thing about working in real estate is that I often get a chance to look at some […]
  • Homeschool
    As some of you know, Lulu Blue is a junior in high school, and after years of thinking about it, we finally decided to go for it and try homeschooling. We did this when she was really little and I really loved the results. Once she started school, […]
  • Happy Halloween ( a day late)
    We had a lovely Halloween. We finished sewing Lulu Blue’s costume just in time for her to head off to a party with her friends, and I spent the day working on my welding skills and resting. Can I just say, I love welding. It’s so cool. Even […]
  • Ewa Aulin
    Style Inspiration This little Swedish blondie made quite a splash in the 60s and 70s, especially when she starred alongside Ringo Starr in Candy. She is definitely a style inspiration, embodying the best of the 60s style. Here are some looks I love. I hope you all have […]
  • Weekend Away
    Last weekend I took a little trip up to Grass Valley/Nevada City to see Devandra Banhart in concert, and it was every bit as wonderful as I had hoped it would be. The concert was incredible, completely worth the drive. I scored a signed copy of the Cripple […]