Paris Shops

I am home from Paris, and I am ready to go back! I loved everything about the city, from the wonderfully convenient metro system to the warm scent of fresh bread floating through my window every morning. I also loved the simple, classy winter style that the locals embrace. But even as the light rain and cool, crisp weather still dominate, Parisians are preparing for the coming spring.

All over shop windows in the city are flaunting lovely outfits for warm spring days. I managed to snap a few pictures of some of my favorite shop window outfits in the city, just to give you an idea of what to expect when the weather warms up. The best thing about these outfit ideas is that most of them can be easily copied with thrifted or vintage finds!

  1. All three outfits in this window are great! I love the vintage college style cardigan on the first manikin. It reminds me of the very cool vintage cheerleader sweater that will be popping up in the shop very soon!
  2. A light coat is the perfect thing to have for a spring evening. You can pair it with pretty much anything and it will look great.
  3. I liked the very whimsical and colorful combination of this. It’s definitely more playful than what I was seeing around the city, but I think it’s super cute.
  4. Of course, this is much more my style. I love this outfit. Leather seems to be pretty popular in Paris, everything from leggings and trousers to skirts. Seems like there is a good chance this will continue into spring. I am on board!
  5. Not my personal style, but I can see some people would wear this well (my sister!). I do like the unexpected combo of those pants with those boots.
  6. Floral dresses with thick leather belts. Some version of this was everywhere! I think this will be the street style in Paris this spring.
  7. Once more, a nicely unexpected combo that works!
  8. Who doesn’t love a good pleated skirt? This outfit reminds me of my school uniform days. Sometimes I miss it!
  9. I red, printed midi dress is something of a go-to for me. A flirty, feminine spring must-have.
  10. This particular dress was EVERYWHERE. It fits into the same category as 9, and I love it. I almost bought one for myself, but decided to hold off.
  11. I love this dress combined with that belt and those boots! Add a hat, and this is a win!
  12. Very vintage. A simple floral dress with a wide belt, and you are all set. You can find a similar dress at almost any thrift shop in America. Affordable and stylish!

This is just a little peek at what I was seeing around Paris. You can certainly see what they are leaning towards for this spring. I am glad to see that they are very much keeping vintage style alive in Paris!

p.s. Lulu Blue (my daughter) and I are suffering from a little post-Paris depression. We did not want to come back! We love Paris.

Maca and Lulu Blue. Paris, 2020.

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