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Spring Style

It’s feeling an awful lot like spring around here. The fruit tree in my back yard is in full bloom, and it’s been getting warmer during the day. I feel like it’s a little too soon, but I will enjoy it all the same. Valentine’s Day is also right around the corner. Not sure about any plans for that day, but I am planning a friend fondue date this weekend, and looking forward to it. I always get into things quite suddenly. And really deeply. Lately it’s been oysters on the half shell, cheese fondue, and socks with heels. Here are a few pictures that inspire me to do this for my friendue date. Happy […]

Ewa Aulin

Style Inspiration This little Swedish blondie made quite a splash in the 60s and 70s, especially when she starred alongside Ringo Starr in Candy. She is definitely a style inspiration, embodying the best of the 60s style. Here are some looks I love. I hope you all have a lovely Monday! Love, Maca

Marianne Faithfull

Style Inspiration She came as part of the British Invasion in the 1960s, taking the world by storm with her voice, beauty and strength. She rose and fell a few times, but she wasn’t ever really broken. And she had seriously cool style, and pretty neat hair! Here are a few of my favorite snaps of Marianne Faithfull. There is just something about that cool 60s girl style that will forever be inspirational to me. And I seriously love that hair, and not just because the bangs+long hair of that era is pretty much my go-to style, one that I have recently returned to. So much better. Love, Maca

Kemp Muhl

Style Inspiration Charlotte Kemp Muhl is a musician, a writer, a model, and long time partner of Sean Lennon. She also happens to be one of my girl crushes. I love her style. It has a vintage, rock-n-roll twist that I adore. And she makes me miss my natural, dark hair color. Here are some looks that I love. I feel like Charlotte and Sean are just as well suited as John and Yoko. ❤️ Love, Maca

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween! An odd one, that’s true. My neighborhood coordinated a little trick-or-treating for the little ones, and it was great fun, but we are not expecting the regular flow of spooky visitors this year. And we are also not having a party, which is something that Lulu Blue and I were looking forward to. She is, however, having two friends over to join us for our movie night, so it’s better than nothing. Even we didn’t go all out this year. Usually, our Halloween decorations are a draw for the neighborhood, but that was in our old house, where we had the benefit of a huge window to work with. I am, however, inspired […]


The weather is getting cooler, and a lot of people are headed back to work. If there is one thing I can say for sure, it’s that a lot of us got used to being quite comfortable in our casual, work-from-home clothes. I don’t see any good reason why we can’t carry that comfort with us to the office, with style, of course. This is where the oversized blazer comes in handy. I am definitely enjoying the versatility. You can dress it up or dress it down, wear it to work, out for a coffee with friends (socially distanced, of course), and even over a lovely evening gown. Here are a few look you can […]