Paris 2020

This Sunday, I am off to Paris for a week. I absolutely love traveling. I find that there is nothing like it to get you out of a funk and refresh your spirit. As winter draws to a close, I am ready to shed this mild funk I have been in, and I think Paris is just what the doctor ordered. So on Sunday, I will hop on a direct flight and wander around the city for about a week.

Of course, it IS still winter. And February in Paris is not like February here in California (all of our trees are currently in full bloom). It will be cold and rainy, but it will be wonderful. Especially if I am well prepared. Here I have put together a short list of what I will be taking with me for a week of exploring and relaxing.

So that’s my short list. There will be other things, but the main idea is there. While some of the things on this list are a bit expensive, they are worth it. Wish me luck and I’ll blow you a kiss from the top of the Eiffel Tower!

What Do You Think?