Yoga At Home

As this pandemic carries on (probably into next year), we have all learned how to live our lives in the new normal. If we spent the first couple of months in our sweats, binge watching Tiger King, and eating countless containers of Chinese take out, that is not a sustainable way to live. Eventually we began to learn how to function productively in this weird time. Part of that is physical activity!

I love to run, but I am strictly an indoor, treadmill runner. I LOVE being outside, walking, and just enjoying nature, but that is my way of relaxing. I do not consider that exercise. I also do yoga and was beginning to get into Pilates. Now the gyms are closed, as are the yoga studios. A lot of you are probably in the same boat with me. I recommend doing this stuff at home. Thanks to YouTube, we have access to some world-class instruction right in our homes!

I am fairly new to this kind of thing, the only time I have ever done at home yoga is when I joined a friend when he first got into yoga but was not quite comfortable with going to a studio. He introduced me to Yoga with Adriene. This is a pretty great channel. It includes videos that would be great for beginners, as well as those of us who have been at this for a while.

Here are a couple of videos that you can try, but do check out the channel and find videos that are more useful to you. There is everything from yoga for social anxiety, to yoga for cramps!

I am currently in the process of finding some Pilates videos that I like, and videos for general stretching. I will post those here when I come across something really good. For now, bust out your yoga mat, find a spot that is comfortable and allows plenty of room, and try some at home yoga.



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