Winter Night In

Sometimes you need a night in instead of a night out, and each season has its own way of comforting. A winter night in is cozy, warm, and soft. Perfect for relaxing before the big holiday rush.

Here are a few things that can make a winter night in super sweet.

1. A hot bath. Is there anything better on a cold winter evening?
2. A super soft Turkish towel. I’m obsessed.
3. Use it if you’ve got it! A fireplace can make all the difference.
4. A warm robe to slip into. Some soft sweats will do just as well.
5. A hot toddy! Winter is the perfect season for this lovely drink. Here is a recipe.
6. A comforting scent is so helpful and conducive to relaxing. I wouldn’t skip this one.
7. Music. Cleopatra is my current relaxation favorite, but whatever makes you feel good works.
8. Turn it up and enjoy your night in.

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