Weekend Away

It has been an eternity since I have left this lovely little town of mine. For someone who quite enjoys a trip, even a short one, this wasn’t easy. But I was a good girl, I followed all the rules and did all the right things (with one notable exception, but I’ll cover all that later), and here is my reward!

I am a huge fan of Devendra Banhart, and the man is playing a concert in October! It’s not exactly close by, but it’s not super far. I would say it is the perfect distance to plan a little weekend get away around the event, and so I did.

And boy, am I excited. I found a little vintage airstream nestled in the woods, and snagged the sweet little spot for the weekend.

I love the lights and the little table that will be perfect for a quiet breakfast, or an evening drink.

There’s a cute little record player, so I might bring along a couple of records. But it may be kinda fun to just let myself enjoy whatever they have there.

The town looks pretty cute in the fall, and the weather should still be nice enough to enjoy a stroll through downtown.

For those of you who don’t know Devendra Banhart, here is a little taste for you.




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