Weekend Away

Last weekend I took a little trip up to Grass Valley/Nevada City to see Devandra Banhart in concert, and it was every bit as wonderful as I had hoped it would be. The concert was incredible, completely worth the drive. I scored a signed copy of the Cripple Crow record!

I stayed in a little vintage airstream, which was absolutely lovely. The tiny space was a bit intimidating at first, but I quickly realized just how little space I actually need to be comfortable. I wasn’t alone, and I have a feeling my guest may argue with that. He was a little too tall for some of the cabinets. He did manage to avoid any serious injury. The airstream had a little bathroom, but they also had a composting outhouse, which was actually pretty cool. As a kid, I had a 200+ year old summer house in the country that had no plumbing inside, and we had an outhouse, so that kind of brought back memories.

We took a tour of the gold mine at Empire Mine State Park, which was really cool.

We met a blacksmith who volunteers at the mine, he made me a little salt spoon and a “diamond ring”. Apparently, miners would make these rings for their sweethearts as engagement rings until something more official could be bought.

We mostly cooked inside the airstream for meals, there are some great little organic markets in town. We did have dinner at the Thirsty Barrel Taphouse and Grille where I tried an impossible burger for the first time ( I am pescatarian ). The restaurant was good, but I didn’t actually like the impossible burger, it tasted strange to me. We also had breakfast at Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co. which was really good. They source most of their ingredients locally, and buy fair trade coffees and teas. I had the potato spinach soup (yes, for breakfast, what can I say) and pomegranate cheesecake with coffee. So good!

I had an impromptu paper/rock/scissors game for a spot in line with a stranger who joined the line at the same time as me when I went to get a second cup of coffee. We played 5 times, every one was tied. We kept doing the same thing, but the 6th game was the decider. He won, but he bought me a cup of coffee, so I guess it was a win for me.

Of course, the concert was the best part of the weekend, I am still floating from it. I haven’t been to a concert since the start of the pandemic, and I am glad the first one back was such an amazing experience. Still in wonder at Devandra Banhart’s ability to make everyone dance. I had such an amazing time that I failed to take any pictures. I just soaked up the whole weekend and relaxed.

I hope you had a lovely weekend, too!



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