Vintage vs. Junk

A comfortably cluttered room can have an appeal of its own, but let’s be honest, some people equate vintage with junk. And it shows. Being into vintage does not mean having a home full of garbage.

Denmark is a perfect example of this. Most Danes will tell you that incorporating some vintage into your decor can lead to some major hygge. They will also tell you that when it comes to your home, keeping it simple is the key to house happiness. Here I will share some images of what I consider good vintage, vs what I think can be a little much, and while there is no right or wrong way to add a bit of vintage to your life, I prefer to consider the item itself and its quality over its age.

A lovely vintage lamp can add just the right kind of light to your room, and a comfortable chair makes those rainy evenings at home feel just right. I am with the Danes on this one, a chaotic room means a chaotic mind, and I certainly don’t need that!

What Do You Think?