Sweater Weather

I am still thinking about Fall. Maybe I am trying to distract myself from what’s happening here in my home state. Seems like we are surrounded by fire.

The local news posted this picture of San Francisco this morning. This is the color that was seeping through our windows when we woke up, and it felt very odd. The automatic street lights were all on because of the dim, orange glow. It’s unsettling, to say the least. Lulu Blue woke up in a bit of a panic because she thought that the fire had reached us in the night. Just add this to the list of 2020’s accomplishments. I am not going to concentrate on this, because really, a disaster of this scale is not something you can include in a post about sweaters. It has to have space of its own. And it will. But for now, SWEATERS!

I am looking forward to the cold. Lulu Blue and I hit the beach yesterday. We ate our lunch at the top of a cliff while watching the mist spread up from the water and creep towards the road. It was brisk, and the ocean spray felt like heaven on my skin. You know what I did not bring? A sweater. I should have! I was wearing a tiny, spaghetti strap dress that I picked up in Italy, but it was so nice to get cold! getting back in the car and turning up the heat to get warm again was lovely. I did, however, manage to win a smile from the ridiculously good looking guy that we ran across on the way home when we pulled off the road to get a look at something that we spotted in the water! Thanks, tiny dress!

I thought I would put together a little list of sweaters that I am going after this season. With links, of course.

This gorgeous Reformation sweater. I am in love. It comes in two different colors, and they are both great. I love the sleeves on this. It’s a little more fitted, and doesn’t quite give that wrapped up comfort feeling that I think we are all going to need this Fall, but it can easily be dressed up or down. You can find it here.

How amazing are the sleeves on this cashmere sweater? Perfect for sweater paws! It’s loose, but the champagne color keeps it from looking frumpy. I love the high neck, and it’s probably every bit as soft as it looks. You can find it here on the Free People site.

A good, stripey sweater is always a nice thing to have. Wear it with jeans and a coat, and you have yourself a classic Fall outfit. Don’t mess with the classics. This Madewell sweater happens to be on sale right here, and there’s only a few left!

I am very well aware that when I say Lirika Matoshi, you think strawberry dress, but this cherry sweater! Seriously. If anyone out there wants to give me an early birthday present, you can go grab this adorable little sweater right here. No. I’m kidding. You can get it for yourself, though!

This Sezane sweater is one that I will definitely try to get. It’s the perfect color, and the long cuffs are amazing. This sweater is dreamy. I probably would’t take it off until March 2021. It’s available here. Hopefully for a little while longer!

This is just one of those things that everyone needs to have. A simple, inexpensive, totally hygge, chunky sweater that you can throw on over anything and look great. This one is great because black is easy to work with, but I have one like this in red that I got last year and it has been my (and Lulu Blue’s) go to sweater.

Hopefully you are all doing well and staying safe. It’s almost easy to forget that we have a pandemic raging with all the other things happening all over the country. Let’s hope 2020 is done trying to bury us.



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