We have rain! A lot of it. A real downpour. It is so wonderful, and refreshing. I love the rain, and I have been waiting for the rainy season to start. It’s difficult to say how the rainy season will turn out here in the Bay Area. A lot of the time, it is pretty dry. But oh how wonderful it is when we get a lot of good rain. Everything turns from yellow to green, and the earth comes alive. There are two more reasons to love the rain.

  1. I have been waiting to buy these lovely wellies.

Seriously love these, and I think they will look adorable with my vintage dresses. I’ll be picking these up very soon!

2. Umbrellas.

I love umbrellas. They are beautiful. Even the word is beautiful. It almost sounds like a name.

I really hope this rain keeps up! We can’t have snowy holidays around here, but I would take rainy ones! And I could wear my lovely wellies for Christmas!



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