We are still in this pandemic. It has not miraculously disappeared, whatever some people may have suggested. If you are anything like me, you are still pretty much quarantined. We go to the store, and we walk outside. That is about the extent of it. And we wear our masks. This is so important. It is not a political statement, it is just common sense. Here I thought I would share some mask tips. What kind of mask you should have, and how to determine if it is doing its job.

There are so many different options to choose from, different designs and styles. It’s actually really neat to be able to choose a mask that you think is cool. You could (and probably should) have a couple of different ones that go with your outfits or moods, but you do need to make sure that the mask is effective. There are a ton of people selling homemade masks, but not all of them will do the job.

Light a candle or a lighter, hold it about 6 inches from your face and blow. If you are able to blow the candle out, the mask is not as effective as it should be. A proper mask will at least make it very difficult to blow out the flame.

fill your mask with water. Is the water leaking out? If your mask is letting liquid out, it will most likely let it in. At the very least, if your mask is not waterproof, it should be layered to keep saliva droplets from reaching your nose and mouth.

Let’s talk about fit. This is a big one. If you are having to adjust your mask, you are doing something that all health experts are urging you not to do: touching your face. Make sure your mask is snug and comfortable, avoid any masks that you have to adjust. If you didn’t know, this is what wearing a bra feels like. 🙁

You can make your own mask, out of pretty much anything.

Here is the CDC guide for a diy mask. This is a good no-sew bandanna mask because it has layers for protection. There’s a million diy resources out there, and just as many options for those who want to buy a mask instead of making one.

I hope this is useful, and I hope you are all safe.



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