Make and try

There are a few things I would love to try, and just haven’t been able to yet. The list is long, but I am not going to add everything all at once. I think what I will do is break it up into yearly lists, and see if I can get at least one or two off each year. Ideally, this should have been started at the New Year, but I didn’t start it then so I am starting now.

This Gin Basil Smash Tart. This shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish! It sounds like it could be really good!

Textile printing. I have done screen printing on bags and stuff like that, but I would love to design and print fabric, just to try it. I once had a dream that I was an old man who was a textile designer. It was an odd dream, but it really made me want to try this.

Metalworking. I have made plenty of jewelry, but I have never been able to actually make what I envision in my head. I would love to have the knowledge, tools and space to create the designs that have always lived in my mind.

This one shouldn’t be too much of a problem either. Heather honey has been described as pungent, mildly sweet, bitter, and woody. Sounds pretty interesting to me.

I want to try pottery. Not because I think the horny ghost of my dead lover will somehow get involved. Just cause.



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