Social Distancing 101

If you are anything like me, you love being out. Being stuck inside when spring is just beginning to show herself is not ideal, but with everything that is going on right now, it is the best thing to do. So let’s make the best out of this and enjoy being homebodies for a little while. It will help to keep those at highest risk safe.

I put together this little guide to things you can do while you hang out at home.

1. Sleep in! No school or work means you can catch an extra hour of sleep, something we all need. Sleep naked if you can. Trust me. Try it.
2. Make some good, slow coffee. It can be so good to have a cup of coffee when you aren’t in a rush!
3. Throw on your favorite vintage tee.
4. A pair of joggers. I am not suggesting that you have to let yourself go, but hey… let’s just give this a try.
5. If you’ve got little people (or smaller people, like I do), play some games. If there is one thing that Lulu Blue and I agree on, it’s that you are never too old for Hungry, Hungry Hippos.
6. Make some art. The stuff you’ve been meaning to do, but never have time for.
7. Clean and de-clutter. Get rid of stuff you don’t need. I have a rule of thumb: If I haven’t used something in one year, I probably don’t need it. I either throw it our or donate it. I haven’t regretted anything yet.
8. Cook! Try some new recipes. Or stick with the ones everyone loves. Get your loved ones to help. It’s fun, and when you sit down together to eat you will enjoy it all the more.
9. Put on a record and relax. Or put on a record and dance around. Or have a couch date!
10. Watch some movie, or binge those shows you’ve had your eye on.
11. You can finally get to that growing book stack. I know I have one that is actually starting to scare me.
12. I am not a huge wine person, but while on a trip to Italy, I found a wine I actually love. Get yourself a bottle of your favorite, get your cuddle partner, and enjoy your evenings.

Staying in is, by far, the easiest selfless thing we have ever had to do. And if you do have to venture out for work, wear gloves, wash your hands often, don’t touch your face, and remember that just because this virus may not be very dangerous for you, doesn’t mean everyone is as lucky. Keep the safety of others in mind.

What Do You Think?