For him

If you have a fella to shop for, I have some ideas for you. This is a strictly Etsy gift guide, because Lulu Blue and I have been trying to move away form Amazon, and are doing most of our online shopping on Etsy these days. I am actually very happy with the change, and I would highly recommend it! Here are some gift ideas for your guys.

  1. It’s getting cooler! Even here in California we are pulling out our coats and scarves. Keep your boy’s ears warm with this hand knit alpaca hat that you can get here.
  2. I love these cool beer glasses. You can get individual ones that you like, or go for a set like this.
  3. If you have a guys that likes to wear a bit of jewelry, but isn’t the diamond encrusted pinky ring type, this simple, copper bracelet might just be up his alley.
  4. Honestly, I just love the fox on this wallet. It’s cool, and you can get it right here.
  5. This lil bearded sailor made me smile.
  6. A vintage soviet alarm clock? Yes.
  7. He will have the coolest ice for his whiskey.
  8. If he is an audiophile, he probably has some of those noise cancelling headphones. He can hang ’em here.

This has, undoubtedly, been a tough time for many people. Not everyone had the good luck to exponentially increase their wealth over the course of this pandemic. Lulu Blue and I are keeping our Christmas list short this year. I have always felt that the holidays should never be the reason that you spend the next few months in more debt than you need to be in. People will understand.

If you have some good gift ideas, let me know!



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