It’s happening. I can feel the slight chill in the morning air. It feels so good. Of course, I live in California, where we won’t really get to feel much Autumn for another month at the very least, but boy, am I ready for it. Every season brings its own gifts, but Fall will always be the season that feels most optimistic to me. When the trees at the park near our place look like this, I start to feel like something good is coming my way.

Rain! Lovely, cool, relaxing rain. Lulu Blue and I always make sure that we get outside in the first rain of the season, I really think it’s lucky.

The little creek near our house starts to rise and rush. I love this so much. We try to stop by and enjoy it wherever we can. We are lucky to live in a beautiful place.

I am not a pumpkin spice person. I am, however, a masala chai person. Fall is the perfect season for this sweet and spicy drink. Here is a recipe you can try. And the perfect place to enjoy it?

Here. If you have a fireplace, perfect. If you have a reading nook, even better. If you have neither, it’s okay. Find a comfy spot, grab a book, make yourself a chai, and enjoy the sound of the rain outside your window.

While you are at it, have a slice (or two) of pumpkin pie. Lulu Blue and I agree that pumpkin pie is really one of the few things that make Thanksgiving bearable. I like to make mine from scratch, but even the store bought pie is pretty good!

I love soup. Seriously. I really love soup. I remember when I was living in Portland, OR, I had a restaurant near my apartment that was entirely dedicated to soup. We need more of this. Another reason I love Fall so much is that it is much less insane to eat soup every day when it isn’t 106 degrees.

Fall mornings in bed are the sweetest. Seriously. Don’t let him/her/them get up. That’s my advice.

Sweater time. Yes. There is nothing quite like the feeling of pulling on a boots and a sweater to head out into the crisp, Fall day.

Or slippers, if you are in for the day. If it wasn’t so hot in around here in the summer, I would wear slippers all year. When I come home and put on my slippers, it helps me to leave the outside world outside, and enjoy being home.

Last, but not least, Fall means it is time to dig out your classic trench. This makes everyone happy, right?

I would like to take a minute to just congratulate all of us. It is September. we made it. This insane summer is nearly at an end, and before you make a comment about how we don’t really know what insanity the Fall will bring us, stop. We all accept that it isn’t going to be perfect. Life rarely is. But hopefully we will begin to move towards change for the better. Let’s hope.



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