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Summer is coming to an end, and it’s been yet another interesting one. I’m always excited when summer comes, but it doesn’t take long for me to get sick of the heat and start missing my sweaters, tights and boots. This year is no exception. I am so ready to say goodbye to the heat and feel the cool night breezes and some lovely rain. Of course, we haven’t had rain around here in some time, and the whole California draught thing is really starting to wear on me. I feel completely dried out. I miss seasons! But still, I know I’ll feel better when I start seeing the leaves turn and (hopefully) the creeks […]


We have rain! A lot of it. A real downpour. It is so wonderful, and refreshing. I love the rain, and I have been waiting for the rainy season to start. It’s difficult to say how the rainy season will turn out here in the Bay Area. A lot of the time, it is pretty dry. But oh how wonderful it is when we get a lot of good rain. Everything turns from yellow to green, and the earth comes alive. There are two more reasons to love the rain. I have been waiting to buy these lovely wellies. Seriously love these, and I think they will look adorable with my vintage dresses. I’ll be […]

Lovely things.

It’s election day! Talk about stressful. I have been anxious all day, and drank about 4 cups of coffee. And it’s not even 3pm here. This got me thinking about all the things I would rather be up to right now, and all the lovely things I love. So I thought I would make a habit of doing a weekly “lovely things”. The first one is dedicated to skates! They are so pretty, and even though I fall on my butt every single time, they are so cool! Anybody else wanna grab a cute boy and drag him skating? Sure beats chewing my nails up on election day. P.S. Just in case, love, Maca