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I used to be obsessed with old victorian houses, I loved all the fancy little touches, the ornate woodwork, brightly colored walls. These days, that does not appeal to me in the slightest. It’s all about clean, simple, minimal lines. Black and white, brick or concrete accent walls, industrial ceilings. The more windows the better. I love the super cool loft apartments that I am seeing all over Oakland these days, and occasionally something like this pops up, and I just can’t get over the beauty of it. Just take a peek. I love how the wooden ceiling is vintage, yet very modern at the same time. And the black beams and trim. Genius. The […]

This Place

Doesn’t look like much from the outside, but I am seriously in love with the living room of this house, not to mention the dining room windows. And a heated garage? Why not? The skylights and the big windows with a view of the trees are so pretty. Usually I am not a huge fan of the fireplace bricks that take up a whole wall, but somehow its works here, and same with the floors. The fact that this dining room is pretty close to a glass room works for me. Who doesn’t want a couple of trees growing into the side of their dining room? And of course I normally wouldn’t feel a great […]

This Place

The best thing about working in real estate is that I often get a chance to look at some amazing places that come up for sale in my area. The worst thing about working in real estate is that I often get a chance to look at some amazing places that come up for sale in my area. It’s a blessing and a curse. This incredible loft apartment came on the market recently, and I cannot stop drooling. I mean seriously. The exposed brick and concrete wall, the wood beamed ceiling. That huge window bringing in all the natural light, and I am not usually a fan of tiled floors, but these Saltillo tile floors are […]


Lulu Blue and I both have a week off! What in the world are we going to do with all that free time, you ask? Well, if today was any indication, I am guessing Lulu Blue is going to sleep. I think I might follow her lead on that one. I could definitely use a sleep in or two. Of course, this got me thinking about bedrooms. Who does not LOVE a truly comfortable, clean, beautiful bedroom? Since I will likely be needing a new bed, I thought I’d go take a peek at some bedroom ideas, and I decided to share some rooms that I will be using for inspiration when the time for […]

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween! An odd one, that’s true. My neighborhood coordinated a little trick-or-treating for the little ones, and it was great fun, but we are not expecting the regular flow of spooky visitors this year. And we are also not having a party, which is something that Lulu Blue and I were looking forward to. She is, however, having two friends over to join us for our movie night, so it’s better than nothing. Even we didn’t go all out this year. Usually, our Halloween decorations are a draw for the neighborhood, but that was in our old house, where we had the benefit of a huge window to work with. I am, however, inspired […]


If you have kids, chances are you won’t be able to use your bathroom in peace for about 10 to 12 years. I am sorry, all I can say is that it will pass. If you are anything like me, and your kid is older, you probably spent that first year of bathroom freedom throwing all kinds of things is your bathwater, reading in the bath, and trying to figure out if there’s some way to cram an armchair into your tiny bathroom (there wasn’t). After the initial anxiety of wondering if my child was going to set something, or herself, on fire while I soak in 45 dollars worth of oils and flowers wears […]