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Happy Halloween ( a day late)

We had a lovely Halloween. We finished sewing Lulu Blue’s costume just in time for her to head off to a party with her friends, and I spent the day working on my welding skills and resting. Can I just say, I love welding. It’s so cool. Even though I got myself a little welding sunburn on my arms, I can’t wait to keep learning. Lulu Blue dressed up as Melody from Sanrio, and her bestie went as Kuromi, they looked adorable. It was a pretty laid back Halloween this year, and we didn’t even have many tick-or-treaters, so we have a pretty large bowl of leftover candy. Not that either of us are complaining. […]


It’s almost here. This year has been an interesting one. It has had its share of ups and downs, probably more so for more people than the average year. I can say with certainty that it has been my super strong support network that has kept us afloat. There have been times when I clearly understood just how bad things could get without this kind of support. I am extremely grateful, and also very sad for all the people, especially single mamas out there that do not have this incredible gift. I am trying my best to avoid blanket statements like “next year is going to be amazing!” or “It’s finally over!”. Mostly because I […]

For him

If you have a fella to shop for, I have some ideas for you. This is a strictly Etsy gift guide, because Lulu Blue and I have been trying to move away form Amazon, and are doing most of our online shopping on Etsy these days. I am actually very happy with the change, and I would highly recommend it! Here are some gift ideas for your guys. It’s getting cooler! Even here in California we are pulling out our coats and scarves. Keep your boy’s ears warm with this hand knit alpaca hat that you can get here. I love these cool beer glasses. You can get individual ones that you like, or go […]


Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope it was a good one. I know things are weird and many of us did not get to see the people we would usually spend this time with, but it’s always good to remember that there are still things to be thankful for. Here are a few sweet things I am grateful for. My sweet girl (but not that I did this hair!) This super sweet family, drawn by Lulu Blue (from left to right: Alice the guinea pig, my brother Alex, brother-in-law Christian, Lulu Blue, me, my niece Meggie, my nephew Luka, my mom Aida, my sister Eka, and my dad Nick.) Traveling to some sweet places […]

Gift guide

It’s almost that time of year! I adore Christmas. I’ve come to love it more and more over the years, and I genuinely enjoy giving gifts. I love finding the perfect thing for people I love. I usually get started on my shopping early, and have it all done long before everyone else starts swarming the shops, so I have already started making my list and checking things off. Of course, I do not foresee much swarming this year, I just found out that California is going into lockdown again. It’s probably good. I put together a little gift guide for those of you who struggle with this kind of stuff. 1. These boots I […]

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween! An odd one, that’s true. My neighborhood coordinated a little trick-or-treating for the little ones, and it was great fun, but we are not expecting the regular flow of spooky visitors this year. And we are also not having a party, which is something that Lulu Blue and I were looking forward to. She is, however, having two friends over to join us for our movie night, so it’s better than nothing. Even we didn’t go all out this year. Usually, our Halloween decorations are a draw for the neighborhood, but that was in our old house, where we had the benefit of a huge window to work with. I am, however, inspired […]