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I went through the whole day yesterday on a different schedule than everyone else. I completely neglected Daylight Savings Time. It should have occurred to me, because my phone and laptop updated the time automatically, but I was mostly looking at the clocks in my car and my stove, so I just didn’t notice until midnight. Do we really need this? I was clearing out the fridge and noticed the beets I bought the other day. I am sure there was a reason for it, but since I couldn’t remember what it was, I decided to pickle ’em. I LOVE pickled beets. Love. A lot. I got the recipe here. You’ll need beets (the recipe […]


Is the beard trend on its way out? I never thought I would say this, but I kind of hope not. While it has become clear that beards are like the push up bra for men, and sometimes things just don’t look as good underneath, they can be quite sexy. This is a more recent appreciation for me, and lately I have come to prefer it to the clean shaven look. I am hoping to add some beard care products to the shop, because there’s nothing sexy about a neglected beard, and because I hope that the beard stays for a while. Here are some lovely beards for you to look at. Take care of […]

Bangs or No Bangs

It’s the age old question. One that I have personally struggled with for years. Usually I come out on the side of bangs, but I do occasionally get the urge to grow them out. But I always get them back eventually. I have had everything from the very questionable v shaped bangs, the Bettie bangs, the choppy bangs, and the blunt bangs. These days I have settled comfortably into long, slightly textured bangs. They can be a pain in the butt to manage, but I just feel like they are much more “me”. That said, here is that funny urge again. Chances are, I will keep my bangs. But I thought I would put together […]