I have been starting to consider buying a new car. I absolutely adore my car, but there are little things that I am not thrilled with (its a little loud inside when I am on the highway, and the trunk is nonexistent), but it is definitely a great car. Good on gas, small, and very reliable. I would like to pass it on to Lulu Blue since she will be 16 next month (that’s going to have to be a post on its own) and ready to get her license. The problem is that I suck at car shopping. I don’t like the way modern cars look, I don’t like big cars, and I am just generally unenthusiastic about the whole thing. I stare at various car sites until all the cars look exactly the same, and the ones that I can almost like are either not that great on gas or have a glove compartment for a trunk. But really, in a perfect world…

Hello, you beautiful thing.

And you.

Why are you all so perfect?

If they only made them like this!

Instead, I am drugging through boring cars that have zero personality.

Okay. Done complaining.



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