This concludes the Birthday Weeks. It was lovely day. I was working from home today, so I didn’t even get out of my pajamas. Shhh!

Beautiful people that I am happy to have in my life brought coffee to my door, flowers, and cards that prove that they totally just get me.

A bit of Aperol Spritz as soon as the work day ended! And look at those roses!

My favorite card today, you know you have good friends when they give you lighthouse cards! And, of course, more lovely flowers!

Vintage flasks that look perfect on my bedside table!

Not to mention all the texts and messages from people near and far. A nice end to Birthday Weeks.


My new friend Paul read on the blog how much I love coffee and sent me a gift card to try out a coffee that I had never heard of before. I love Vietnamese coffee with a little condensed milk, so of course I am thrilled to try this. I got the Phin Kit, which includes a reusable filter and coffee.

I chose Moxy, which is their smooth and fruity coffee. Can’t wait to try it. I had a little gift card money left over, and when I saw this I knew exactly where it was going!

I just couldn’t pass it up.

Thank you, Paul.

I hope you all have a wonderful night! I am off to go read and ignore responsibility.



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