If you have kids, chances are you won’t be able to use your bathroom in peace for about 10 to 12 years. I am sorry, all I can say is that it will pass. If you are anything like me, and your kid is older, you probably spent that first year of bathroom freedom throwing all kinds of things is your bathwater, reading in the bath, and trying to figure out if there’s some way to cram an armchair into your tiny bathroom (there wasn’t). After the initial anxiety of wondering if my child was going to set something, or herself, on fire while I soak in 45 dollars worth of oils and flowers wears off, the bathroom really became one of my favorite places. It was probably also the place I redecorated most often (just helping to facilitate relaxation with whatever I found most conducive at the time). These days I don’t really have an opportunity to do anything with the bathroom, so I haven’t had much chance to use the space to unwind like I used to. I miss it.

I am, however, always happy to see pictures of bathrooms that I could really chill in. It gives me ideas for when I do have an opportunity to make my own design choices again. I was originally going to make a post about bathroom windows (who doesn’t love a beautiful window?), but this is kind of turning into more of a idea showcase. I have some pictures of bathrooms I love, and some of bathrooms that are definitely not my thing.

I love these shutters on the window, and the light in this bathroom. Also, that radiator! If you’ve ever lived in a home with those, you might know that hanging your towel on the radiator while you have a bath in the winter, so that it’s warm and toasty when you wrap yourself up in it is one of the loveliest feeling in the world.
That tile combined with the natural wood of the floor is so beautiful. I love the open sink unit with the exposed pipes, too. This bathroom perfectly combines industrial with natural. I love it.
Okay, so this bathroom is just alright, I don’t love it, but I do love the windows and the little cafe style curtains they used here for a little privacy. It saves the whole bathroom from being completely boring, I think.
French doors with shutters in the bathroom? Yes, please. While I was in Italy last summer, I completely fell in love with shutters. Seriously, it was inappropriate. Lulu Blue was concerned about me. Am I going to stick some shutters wherever humanly possible as soon as I am able to? Absolutely.
If I lived in an area with some woods and privacy, I would immediately knock down a whole bathroom wall to turn into a window.
This reminds me of a place I stayed in in Copenhagen. There’s something incredibly lovely about coming into a naturally lit bathroom in the morning. This bathroom is small, but that skylight just makes it incredibly beautiful.
White tile, check. Wood floor, check. Big window over the bathtub, check. Claw foot tub, check. I would never leave. Also, this tile is the same kind as the tile in the first picture. I am obsessed with it. Does anyone know if it has a particular name?
This bathroom has a really cool, vintage feel. Normally, I am not one for pink, but here it really works.
No. This is a big no from me. I bet every single one of those plants is fake. It’s that kind of bathroom.
Let’s see if we can match the floors and the counters, add recess lighting, and make it feel like a Las Vegas hotel bathroom. No. Definitely not for me.
Why would you want the floors and the walls and the counters to be all the same? It feels so constricted to me. And there’s not a drop of natural light in here. Not for me.
It’s so dark in here! I wouldn’t be able to shave my legs without cutting myself to ribbons. And they matched the floors, walls, and counters. I really don’t like this look.
Um… is this Donald Trump’s bathroom? How would anyone be able to relax in here?

That’s it for this list for now.



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