After Quarantine

It’s been 340 weeks since we’ve started quarantine. We’ve been doing our best, staying in except for essential outings like grocery shopping. I go for walks on the trail to get some fresh air and exercise. As someone who loves to have company, the hardest part is not having gatherings of any kind. Of course, this is all completely unimportant. The most important thing is to do our best to keep the most at-risk members of society as safe as possible. We are so lucky to have access to everything we might need or want, and really have nothing to complain about. But this can take a toll, and there are some things that I am looking forward to when this virus is better managed.

Grabbing a cup of coffee with friends is something I used to do at least once a week. I have an insanely busy schedule, between kid, school, work, and everything that entails, but this is something that I always appreciated. When your life is so busy and hectic, it’s easy to put something like this aside, but I think it is important not to. If you put people off long enough, you might not have anyone asking you anymore. I have very strong introvert tendencies, and it’s easy for me to retreat into the super-closed, two-of-us-against-the-world, girls-only club with my daughter, and I have to remind myself (and her) that we really shouldn’t do that.

Which brings me to this one. I love cooking, and I love having people at my house. Any excuse will do, and usually weekend is a good enough excuse. I love trying out new recipes and interesting dishes, or trying to recreate something that I tried at a restaurant. It was always either my friends over, or Lulu Blue’s friends, and a lot of the time it was both at the same time. Never a dull moment.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Hugs, kisses, hand-holding. Touch is a lovely thing. We need it.

I miss this so much. Even if we were not traveling overseas, Lulu Blue and I were always up for road trips, long or short. We’ve both been itching to get out. Before this happened, we spent a week in Paris, and as soon as we landed at home we were talking about where we would go next. We made plans for summer. They are very unlikely now. We might take a short drive down to a little town called Boulder Creek, just because I was thinking of finding us a place there and I wanted to check it out, but it would be more of a drive through than an exploration.

I miss this. A lot. This is another thing that I did pretty often. I miss going to my favorite thrift shops and finding awesome things. I miss looking for stuff that I think would be nice to have in the shop.

Technically, you can easily do yoga at home. Pilates, too. But I still enjoy the classes. When I can, I do these once or twice a week. Nothing feels as emotionally and physically fulfilling as the end of a yoga class. Okay, I know. There’s a couple of things that can top this, but for the sake of argument. It has been 1,038 weeks since the last time I got to do this (not really, I just lost count).

I hope you are all safe out there. We can get through this. Just remember, If you live in one of the places that is opening up prematurely, take things slow and be responsible.



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